2017 is our 3rd Year of Honey Hill Hops Production

Honey Hill Hops
Breathtaking views, great family atmosphere and much more
  In April, 2014, my husband and I bought 10 acres of absolutely gorgeous land in Swoope VA, just 15 minutes west of downtown Staunton.  Later that summer at Staunton's Blues and Brews Festival we ran into Stan Driver, an experienced hops grower and founder of the Old Dominion Hops Cooperative (ODHC).  ​​

We'd been wondering what kind of crop we should grow on our land, and with a little bit of research to confirm that we had excellent soil and the ideal terrain, we jumped into hop growing with all the enthusiasm of the naive idealist!

With some expert help from Stan, ODHC, county extension agents, and the VA Tech hops testing lab, we had an extraordinarily healthy and abundant first year harvest (80+ pounds wet) from our ¼ acre yard, all with organic fertilizers and soil amendments.   
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